venerdì 15 luglio 2011

LulzStorm Colpisce le Università Italiane

Ecco il loro comunicato stampa:

Hi all, gentlemen.

Firstly, we would make clear to everyone that we're not part of Anonymous. We are not LulzSec. We share many ideas, we really like their work, but we are NOT them.

And in fact, we don't like some of the actions taken by LulzSecITA: DDoSing random websites isn't good for our cause, and we hope there will be much more care in choosing next targets.

Anyway, this isn't the right place to discuss that.

We've read many things on Italian press and blogs, and we'd like to answer to an obvious question about our recent release: Why?

The answer is simple. We've done it to tell every Italian student how little secure their personal data are. Sql injections everywhere, cleartext passwordz. Do you know what does it mean?
It's not like leaving your house open to everyone, it's more like to hang a sign that says "Enter here" above the door. And if after that people keep saying their server were not compromised denying the evidence, they're only more lulz for us!

We've heard some funny stories on Italian media. Very funny stories, we must admit. The cyber-war, the promise that "it's only the beginning", blah blah blah. We didn't say a single word from the release, so it's only imagination of editors.

If you want to hear from us, follow @LulzStorm on Twitter.

LulzStorm is NOT Anonymous.
LulzStorm is NOT LulzSec/LulzSecITA.

LulzStorm is... LulzStorm.
See you at the next release, gentlemen.

Qui i dati: (bittorrent) (mediafire)

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